Exploring the American Investment Culture

The culture of American investment is fairly well-developed. In the country, 35% of people invest in stocks and securities. Another 25% of the population invest in crowdfunding. 22% of Americans think about living on retirement. Therefore, they open an Individual Retirement Account or 401k. What it is and how these savings accounts are related to securities, we will tell you later in this article.

How retirement savings are related to investments in securities

Each of us understands that old age should be carefree. But, unfortunately, this is not always the case. Therefore, interest in investing in retirement savings is high in any country in the world.

The state pension in America is between $1,200 and $1,500. The exact size depends on which state you live in. Apart from this and investing in voluntary retirement plans, there are two more types of investments.

The first one is called the IRA. An Individual Retirement Account is a retirement savings account. Do not confuse it with bank deposits, which have a profitability of approximately 1%. You can open this account for yourself in any financial institution. And the majority of the population choose a broker who can help invest in stocks and bonds. You deposit money here by yourself. Size has absolutely no meaning. The main thing is that the total annual replenishment does not exceed $5500.

There is also another strategy that allows you to invest in your retirement using the stock market. But here the employer must pay the money into the account. This strategy is called 401k. Each employer has its own conditions. Some reduce taxable income by adding saved charges to the account. Others make a match or pick a non-elective contribution (they can independently replenish such a kind of deposit for a certain amount). The maximum annual top-up for a 401k is $18,000.  

In any case, by opening one of the accounts, you do not pay tax until you retire. This condition is very beneficial for those who are going to invest money in the stock market from their investments. You can bet on any strategy, from conservative to aggressive. That is, you cannot withdraw anything from your pension account. But using this money is not prohibited.

The investment system will differ depending on which account you are using. 401k is only serviced by an investment company designated by the employer. You can take an active part in investing, or you may not be interested in it at all. In the second case, the money is used by a broker, who determines the funds and securities according to the strategy chosen by the employer.

For an IRA account, no one limits you in your choice. And again: you can leave money in the account without touching it or investing anywhere. But about 60% of people who open this account still select the stock exchange. Otherwise, part of the savings will be lost in inflation. They are looking for stocks, bonds, and other securities in order to increase their money and secure a quiet retirement for themselves.

For retirement accounts, real estate crowdfunding, micro-investments, conservative instruments, that is, bonds and other assets, are available. The average return is 11.5% per year.

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